WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 19: Unemployment is higher than the six per cent listed in the latest Census figures, Government says.

The official employment rate — measured in May last year —  stood at six per cent.

But a report on the figures said: “It is reasonable to expect that the rates of unemployment in this report have grown higher given the subsequent number of employee layoffs that have occurred.”

The survey also showed that – despite males and females having equal numbers in the workforce – men found it harder to find a job.

The unemployment rate for men was seven per cent in May 2010, compared to six per cent for women – 1,409 men looking work compared to 1,172 women.

The report also revealed that more Bermudians were out of work – a five per cent increase to eight per cent in 2010.

The rate outpaced the six per cent rate measured for the entire population.

A report on the 2010 census said: “This is essentially due to the fact that non-Bermudians are recruited to work in positions not generally filled by Bermudians.


“Therefore, non-Bermudian workers who were laid off as a result of jobs cuts were most likely to repatriate or emigrate to another country to secure employment.”

The report added: “The number of Bermudians looking for employment rose from 838 in 2,000 to 2,419 in 2010. This comprised 1,352 males and 1,067 females.”