At the mic: Former Premier Alex Scott. *Photo by Simon Jones
At the mic: Former Premier Alex Scott. *Photo by Simon Jones

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 1: Dignitaries from across the community gathered at City Hall yesterday for the Cup Match declaration.

Rival club managers Neil Paynter and Alfred Maybury were joined by politicians, former Premier, Alex Scott, and the Mayor of Hamilton, Graeme Outerbridge, for the event.

Shooting victim Michela Outerbridge and conservationist David Wingate also spoke during the brief ceremony on the City Hall’s steps about the meaning of the Emancipation anniversary.


Ms Outerbridge was wounded outside Western Stars Community club in April 2010 and is now a summer intern for the Mirrors project.

She said: “Be reminded that ‘to err is human’, each of us makes mistakes and we have the power to free our minds of grievances and negativity.

“So over this vacation we can release that which no longer serves us, thus opening ourselves to renewal.”

All those who attended the event signed the August 1 declaration.

Mr Maybury added: “As we mark this Anniversary, we can use this as an opportunity to renew the connections that hold us together as a community.

“On Thursday, at the Opening Ceremony of Cup Match, all in attendance will be invited to hold hands around the ground to symbolize that renewal of those bonds.”