Cabinet Catwalk: Senators and MPs dress their best for the occasion. *Photos by Nicola Muirhead
Cabinet Catwalk: Senators and MPs dress their best for the occasion. *Photos by Nicola Muirhead


Today marked the second Throne Speech for the One Bermuda Alliance government.

The speech began at 11am sharp, but all the pomp and circumstance happened before it actually started.

MCs for the morning were David Minors and Tina Evans Caines who educated the crowd with tidbits about the formalities surrounding the speech, history and proper protocol.

The pair also explained the legislation for those who might not have been familiar.

At around 10:30am, the Bermuda Regiment band marched through the Cabinet Grounds followed by Regiment soldiers.

The soldiers then marched down to Front Street where they waited to be inspected by Governor George Fergusson.

In the meantime, Supreme Court Justices were escorted into the tent, erected on the lawn of the Cabinet grounds. They were followed by permanent secretaries.

The audience under the tent was made up of friends and family of Premier Craig Cannonier, clergy members, lawyers, community workers and more.

Shortly before 11am, Governor Fergusson arrived in a police motorcade and inspected the soldiers. His wife, Margaret Fergusson was driven up to the Cabinet Building in a horse drawn carriage where she was met by Senate President Carol Ann Bassett.

After Governor Fergusson inspected the soldiers, he commanded the Black Rod to bring the Speaker of the House and the MPs to the grounds “forthwith”.

This year’s Black Rod was Chief Inspector Steven Donnelly, who marched up to the House of Assembly to summon Speaker of the House Randy Horton and the MPs, including Premier Craig Cannonier.

A few minutes later, the procession of the MPs began starting with Premier Cannonier.

Party Colours

Many of the OBA MPs wore red ties, the party’s colours, while PLP MPs wore green ties, their party's colour.

The female MPs were dressed for the occasion in beautiful suits with hats or fascinators.

Black was a common theme of the day as was brocade style suits.

OBA MPs Nandi Outerbridge, Susan Jackson and Jean Atherden all wore stylish gloves to compliment theirsuits. Mrs Outerbridge wore a bright cobalt blue suit with black while the others were dressed in black.

Patricia Gordon-Pamplin wore a bright pink bolero with a black dress, complimented with matching hat and shoes.

Kim Wilson wore a burnt orange suit with embellishments, with a champagne and gold coloured hat.

Another fashion standout was Lovitta Foggo with a navy blue brocade-style suit and fascinator to match.

Not to be outdone, Mrs Fergusson wore a black and white suit with a bold geometric pattern print.

Premier Cannonier’s wife was dressed in a black suit with jacquard-style print and matching hat.

Once the speech was completed, various dignitaries were escorted out of the tent.