FRIDAY, JANUARY 18: The opposition PLP party has announced the election of its new officers to their Party Executive.

A party press release read: At the Progressive Labour Party's continuation of the Annual Delegates Conference last night, the delegates completed the selection
of their Party Executive.

Elected to serve until the fall of 2014, were the following persons:
Chairman - Mr. Maynard Dill
Deputy Chairperson - Mrs. Tinee Furbert
Secretary General - Mr. Tulani Bulford
Assistant Secretary General - Ms. Francine Simons
Treasurer - Mr. Stephen Todd
Assistant Treasurer - Mr. Rudy Daniels
Party Organiser - Mr. Carmon Cyrus
Assistant Organiser (East) - Mr. James Pace
Assistant Organiser (Central) - Mr. Christopher Famous
Assistant Organiser (West) - Mr. Daniel Reece
Public Relations Officer - Mr. Curtis Williams
Membership Secretary - Ms. Zephrya Wilson

These members elected last night will serve under the leadership of
Opposition Leader Mr. Marc Bean, JP, MP and Deputy Leader, Mr. Derrick
Burgess, JP, MP.

The Progressive Labour Party thanks those Executive Members who
completed their terms of office for their commitment and dedication to
the Party.