Derrick Burgess *File photo
Derrick Burgess *File photo

Statement by PLP Acting Leader the Hon. Derrick Burgess

The Premier's decision to allow several of his OBA colleagues to overhear what was supposed to be a one on one conversation with the Opposition Leader is disturbing.  This decision is worsened by the Premier's embellishing of the conversation to the people of Bermuda.

Anyone meeting with the Premier or anyone from the OBA going forward would understandably be concerned about confidentiality and whether what is said will be twisted, distorted and end up in the public domain.

Leaders are expected to conduct the people's business with dignity, humility and integrity. Last week, Premier Cannonier let Bermudians down with his words and deeds and violated that standard.

The OBA have a history of breaking promises and with their Parliamentary majority have the power to move whatever they desire through Parliament with or without the PLP's support, but this should be done for the right reasons.

Our political system works best when politicians regardless of political affiliation are able to work together. Despite sometimes vast political differences this system has worked for over 50 years.  

For there to be collaboration there first must be trust. Trust broken is not easily rebuilt.  The Premier and his OBA colleagues have recently given the impression that they are not trustworthy and will need to work diligently to erase that impression so we may all work together to get our country headed in the right direction.