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Statement by Shadow Home Affairs Minister Walter Roban

The news that support for the abolition of conscription is growing among Bermudians is encouraging, and hopefully sends a message to the OBA that the time has come to join with the PLP and support our Anti-Conscription Bill.

This bill was brought to the HOA in Nov 2013 and rejected by OBA National Security Minister Micheal Dunkley. To date he continues to reject our options for the end of conscription.

A hallmark of our tenure in Opposition has been to bring forward draft legislation and substantive motions designed to build a Bermuda that works for Bermudians.  Despite this, the OBA, has with few exceptions opposed our efforts to work with them on this vision.

We intend to keep pushing for the abolition of conscription for hundreds of young Bermudians males .Our mandate is to continuously seek options and  solutions that will move Bermudians and  Bermuda forward.

We thank Bermudians for continuing to renew their faith and trust in our collective vision.