FRIDAY, DEC. 14: We’re not surprised that Mr. Santucci and the PLP are desperate to cast the One Bermuda Alliance in the worst possible light before polling day, in this instance over whether candidates declared interests in Government contracts as required by law.

Under the Legislature (Qualification and Disqualification) Act, One Bermuda Alliance candidates have confirmed to the Party that they have no interests to declare.

More specifically, in light of continuing attacks by Mr. Santucci and his colleagues, Mr. E.T. (Bob) Richards has taken advice from senior legal counsel and his opinion is that Mr. Richards is clearly not disqualified and that the Parliamentary Registrar has no authority to declare him or any other candidate disqualified.

Candidate Mr. Jeff Sousa has also taken legal advice and he has confirmed he has no interest to declare.

The continuing PLP campaign of distortion, lies and spin is a desperate attempt to distract voters from the real issues facing Bermuda. It is telling these attacks came the same day that Anchor Investment Management’s Bermuda Economic Update warned of a potential Bermuda “debt crisis”.

The One Bermuda Alliance will not be sidetracked from our mission to build a Bermuda based on social and economic equity for all, leaving no one behind, with good-paying jobs, safe neighbourhoods, great schools and making Bermuda affordable.

God bless Bermuda.