WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 21: In the April 27, 2012 edition of the Bermuda Sun, columnist Tom Vesey wrote: “More than anything else, the UBP was killed by its inability to attract black voters, no matter how hard it felt it was trying, and no matter how poorly it felt the PLP was performing...

"The next step was to try to step away from the problem and form a new party. That was the genesis of the Bermuda Democratic Alliance.

“But it didn’t take more than a single by-election to demonstrate that it would end up running against the UBP, making the PLP Government almost impossible to defeat.

“The next logical step, of course, was to merge the new BDA with the old UBP and call it something different. And hope the old UBP white stigma will drop away, at least a little, with a new name, some new faces, and the disappearance of a lot of the old guard.”
Strike 1

During a television interview on November 13, 2012 with Kim and Charlie Swan, Gary Moreno asked: “Let me ask you this question Kim, some time ago I did a story that a consultant was brought in and recommended to the United Bermuda Party that it split. That the younger members of the United Bermuda Party should step away, form a new political entity, and then allow those that were left behind in the UBP, be allowed to come and join that entity later. Is there any truth to that?”

Kim Swan replied, “Yes!” Gary replied, “Thank You.”

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Strike 2

Michael Dunkley UBP MP and former leader; Bob Richards former UBP MP; Glenn Smith former UBP Campaign Chairman 2007; Jeanne Atherton former UBP Senator; Grant Gibbons former UBP MP and former leader; Pat Gordon-Pamplin former UBP MP; Marc Pettingill former UBP MP; Wayne Scott former UBP candidate; Jeff Sousa former UBP candidate; Ed Bailey former UBP MP; Donte Hunt former UBP MP; Trevor Moniz former UBP MP; Suzanne Roberts-Holzhouser former UBP MP; Kenny Bascome former UBP candidate; Cole Simons former UBP MP; Jon Brunson former UBP MP; Shawn Crockwell former UBP MP.

Look at this list — do the names sound familiar?

That is because it is clear to see more than 50 per cent of the OBA candidates are in fact UBP born and bred. Try as they like, the truth has come to light at the worst possible time for them. Here is part of their feeble attempt at damage control.

“We were not founded on the basis of a “secret” document.” — Thad Hollis, Chairman

Nov. 14

Seemingly, Craig Cannonier has been part of the plot since day one. Craig cannot face any live journalist on radio or TV to face real questions to deny this one.
No one can save them from this train-wreck.

Family — don’t be fooled; the facts show that key UBP members retained safe seats and threw the new faces into the unwinable seats.

“What is the greater goal at play here? Control and power — which frankly is what politics comes down to.”

Former OBA leader John Barritt, RG July 5, 2012.

Pretty much sums up what the OBA really want. Economic and political control and power.

Ever notice on Maury, when a guy desperately tries to deny any DNA linkage to his child? Here is my Maury impression: “When it comes to the OBA, you are the UBP.”

Strike 3