SATURDAY, DECEMBER 15: A recent poll shows the One Bermuda Alliance is more favourable towards voters than the Progressive Labour Party.

The poll, conducted by Benenson Strategy Group puts the OBA 17 percent ahead of the PLP in the poll, conducted December 7 to 9.

OBA Chairman, Thad Hollis said: “Recently the OBA commissioned the Benenson Strategy Group to conduct a poll on its behalf, and the results are attached.

“We are encouraged by the results. We are a party committed to social and economic equity for all Bermudians, with good-paying jobs, safe neighbourhoods and great schools.

“Should the voters of Bermuda give us the privilege of forming the next Government, we will fulfill our pledge, leaving no one behind.”

Out of the voters polled, 49 percent said they would vote for the OBA, 32 percent for the PLP, three percent said independent and 17 percent said they didn’t know.

The poll also showed 54 percent of voters saying they had an unfavourable opinion of the PLP.

It said: “We also found high levels of discontent with the current direction of the country overall, and

specifically with the economy.

“Two-thirds of voters say the country is on the wrong track, including a majority of voters of all races, ages and in all regions.

“Nearly 80% also say that Bermuda should not continue with the economic policies of the past five years.”

The Benenson Strategy Group conducted a 400 interview survey across the island of Bermuda between December 7-9, 2012. The margin of error for overall results is ±4.90%.