FRIDAY, AUGUST 10: A new private jet facility has opened its doors to business flights at LF Wade International Airport.

Universal Aviation Bermuda has its own customs and immigration department onsite as well as a dedicated fuel truck and fully equipped lounges.

The full service Fixed Base Operator opened to flights for the first time yesterday morning.

Aaron Adderley, General Manager of LF Wade International Airport, said the new facility would make the island an even more attractive stopover destination for trans Atlantic flights.

He added: “We are excited to welcome Universal Aviation to Bermuda.

“We believe that Universal Aviation’s presence here will not only further enhance the experience of general-aviation passengers traveling to and from the island, but will make Bermuda an even more appealing stopover destination for European-based traffic crossing the Atlantic.”

The new terminal has a passenger lounge, a conference room and WiFi throughout the facility.

It also has a crew lounge with kitchenette and showers.

Adolfo Aragon, Senior Vice President of Universal Aviation added: “Whether operators are taking advantage of Bermuda’s strategic geographic location as a tech stop, or making the island their final destination, we will continue to provide the level of service customers are used to around the world.

“With on-site customs and immigration and our own dedicated fuel truck, operators will have no need to travel to the main terminal or wait behind commercial traffic for fuel, allowing us to accommodate quick-turn tech stops with the highest degree of safety and efficiency.”