My grandfather used to say ‘never kick a man when he is down’. Rather, put your hand out and help him get on his feet. Well, I feel the spirit of gramps telling me to reach out to Cousin Craig again.

The recent opinion poll can be viewed at as nothing short of a PR disaster for the OBA, which is just short of one year into governing. 

The Premier of Bermuda, who has high media visibility, and to his credit seems to work hard, is 10 points behind PLP leader Marc Bean. 

So let’s have a real conversation Cousin Premier.

Bad PR

First off the bat, I would suggest again that those writing speech or op-eds on behalf of the OBA should stop with the ‘Blame it all on the PLP’ campaign. No one is believing the PLP was so bad and evil. Come on cousin, you and most of your OBA friends have made out extremely well since 1998.

People are now viewing those constant attacks by Thad Hollis and others as nothing but excuses for your lack of performance. Sort of like when a guy can’t perform, he blames it on the alcohol.

Secondly, you guys campaigned on promises of jobs and thus far you really have not delivered. Well, not on jobs for Bermudians at least.

Cut the dead weight

You guys are suggesting Bermudians take pay cuts and job losses to show shared sacrifice. Yet on the other end of the equation you are living high on the hog by increasing cabinet ministers and consultants.

For example, Ministers Leah Scott, Michael Fahy, Wayne Scott, Trevor Moniz and Patricia Gordon-Pamplin.

Not really doing your image any good. And costing taxpayers near a million a year. Cut some of them and I am sure your credibility will jump a point or two.


Well we warned you not to go down this road, but it seems ‘Bob’s your uncle’ again.

Last year, Cousin Craig, your face was pasted on full page adverts promising civil servants they won’t lose their jobs under an OBA government. This year you are telling them you can’t promise anything. 

In case you forgot, civil servants vote and answer polls. That being the case, do you expect them to believe anything you say again?

Worse for you when it gets revealed that OBA supporters are apparently lining up to gain lucrative  contracts via privatization.

Cut non-personnel costs and you will come across as standing up for the workers. Anything less will be a tragedy.

One Love

Overall I am proud of your development over the last year. The challenges you face may seem high but listen, at the end of the day we are all family.

Don’t be shy to sit down with the people, man. Sherri J or Gary Moreno can be nowhere as bad as that guy over in London the other day. You handled yourself well.

If nothing else, hit me up on my BB 239E8772, for some pointers. I think my track record speaks for itself.