Nandi Outerbridge *File photo
Nandi Outerbridge *File photo

Offensive private Facebook messages appearing to be from OBA MP Nandi Outerbridge to another person were yesterday branded fraudulent.

The St George’s West MP said a Facebook page in her married name Outerbridge (she was voted in as Nandi Davis), which has now been shut down — was hacked. She told us the messages were fakes.

Screen grabs of the two messages were sent to recipients using other social media like WhatsApp and Instagram.

The social media messages purported to show Facebook private instant messages that appeared to have come from Mrs Outerbridge’s Facebook account.

Mrs Outerbridge told us yesterday: “That message is hacked, my account was hacked and my lawyers are now looking into it.”

When asked, she said that she had no idea why anyone would want to smear her using fake messages: “I don’t know — I have no clue. I’m just allowing them [my lawyers] to deal with it.”

And she said that the substance of the messages — which the Bermuda Sun has chosen not to publish — were without foundation. She added that she was “beyond shocked” when she discovered the substance and tone of the messages.

Mrs Outerbridge said: “I have heard rumours and people have called me and said they heard rumours.

“Someone has hijacked my Facebook account — I don’t wish to comment further than that.”

But she added: “I am not that person, never have been that person. The whole situation is mind-blowing.”

Legal action

Mrs Outerbridge has retained the law firm of Marshall, Diel & Myers with a view to taking legal action over the messages.

In the December, 2012 general election, Mrs Outerbridge, 26, won her seat, which had been held by former UBP leader Kim Swan, who stood as an Independent, by just four votes over PLP candidate Renee Anderson-Ming.

Katie Tornari, of Marshall, Diel and Myers, yesterday confirmed the firm was acting for Ms Davis. n