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One lucky couple will win a video package for their wedding worth more than $3,000 just by explaining what they love about their partner.

Shane Woodley of Near Future Films has decided to offer his services for a couple free of charge to be a“blessing” to them.

He hopes as many couples as possible enter the contest, as he can’t wait to read what they say about their partners.

“A lot goes into producing a wedding video. The part that makes it fun and scary at the same time is that there are no do overs, like music videos.

“So you have to stay focused and get the moments the best way you know how, as well as walking that fine line between capturing the wedding and being a part of it.

“Editing the footage is where I like to shine, finding a way for the footage and music to tell the story in an artistic, entertaining and colourful way.”

Mr Woodley said it can take up to 80 hours to edit and because he is a perfectionist, he gives himself a deadline and stops or he will edit forever.

 “Wedding videos are a relatively new venture for us but the feedback has been amazing so far”, Mr Woodley added.

Asked what he would say to encourage couples to enter the contest, he said: “I would encourage couples to enter not just because it’s free but because they want to do something special together. The success of this contest will determine if we can make this bigger next year.”

Here are the rules:

n Submit a photo of the couple, including names

n Describe in 200 words or less which characteristic you love most about your future spouse

n Send to nearfuturefilms@gmail.com by Friday, December 20

n Couple must be engaged by December 20 and the wedding must be held in 2014 in Bermuda

n Winning couple will be contacted on January 6. n