Top fashion: Jamie Lee with models wearing his bottle top bikinis. *Photo supplied
Top fashion: Jamie Lee with models wearing his bottle top bikinis. *Photo supplied

WEDNESDAY, OCT. 10: Bermuda’s fashionable young designers are coming together to showcase and sell their work at the KultureLoft market this Friday. 

There will be everything from tie-dye Tees and bottle cap bikinis, to knitted kids’ toys and handcrafted jewellery.

Designers taking part include Chrissy Hind, Amethyst, Jamie Lee and Koeshon Smith.

To keep shoppers entertained there will be live music from local reggae/R&B artist Princess Black, inspirational poetry from Rachel Little and tunes by DJ Silva.

Shay Ford, a graphic designer for the Bermuda Sun by day, organized this event, and a similar one in the summer, not only to give young designers a place to get exposure but also a place where they meet like-minded people.


She told us: “Kulture Loft is evolving, I started it in July because it was a chance to show the community independent designers. A lot of people don’t know who does what around here so it was a good way to bring all of our followers together and also a good way to network.

“It is a good way for us young people to get exposure. We all have different friends and followers so for all of us to come together gives us a chance to get our stuff out there to different groups.

“We are all individuals, we all like different things and the styles are different. Nobody has anything similar.”

“The thing that brings us together is that we are mainly younger, up and coming entrepreneurs. Everyone is striving for something bigger for whatever love they have whether it’s fashion or art.”

Almost every item on sale at the market will be hand crafted, designed or revamped by local jewellery makers, fashion designers and artists, except for one independent vendor.

Ford described some of the artists’ work that will be featured: “Bleach Works is by Koeshon Smith. He takes items of clothing and he just bleaches them — sometimes he uses cue tips — and it looks like you bought it out of the store. It has potential to get further — he is really talented.

“Perri Furbert is a jewellery designer — her style is very glamorous and artistic. It is very bold, she uses a lot of gold coloured costume jewellery and she handcrafts all her stuff.

“Brittany Wolffe for A Touch Of Kima — revamps clothes by painting on them. That is her niche — she is just starting out. I like her stuff it is very bright and trendy, she might use leopard print or bold colours and she works with denim a lot. She is more playful and fun. She designs clubby type of clothing for a younger crowd.

“James Lee is more on the artistic side he did the bottle cap bathing suits — it’s like wearable art. He will be doing bottle cap accessories.

“We have a new lady called Chrissy Hind and she knits little toys and animals. She does booties and children’s accessories and toys.”

As well as the musical entertainment there will be live art painting by Calix Smith and Maetog Art.

There will be a special cocktail available for shoppers called A Passionate Ting courtesy of Goslings, as well as glass candy by Theresa Davis, cupcakes by Sweet Sensations and fruit and cheese from Miles Market.

Kulture Loft takes place at Jakoma Studios at the Old Berkeley Auditorium from 7pm to 9pm. Admission is free, cash transactions for purchases only.