From left: Marilyn Zanol, Giorgio Zanol, William Moniz, Cassie Moniz, James Smith, Sharon Smith and Wendy Augustus, executive director of BHCT. *Photo supplied
From left: Marilyn Zanol, Giorgio Zanol, William Moniz, Cassie Moniz, James Smith, Sharon Smith and Wendy Augustus, executive director of BHCT. *Photo supplied

THURSDAY, JULY 5: The three families of the Lindo’s Group of Companies made a donation of $500,000 to help build the new hospital.

The generous donation went to the Bermuda Hospitals Charitable Trust ‘Why It Matters’ Campaign.

Giorgio Zanol, president of Lindo’s, told the Bermuda Sun the families decided six years ago that they wanted to make a contribution to the King Edward VII Memorial Redevelopment Project.

“We knew we were going to have a new hospital sooner or later so we decided to open an official account and put some money aside every year for this purpose.

“Now that the hospital has been started, we gave the money.”

The capital campaign to raise $40 million for the new hospital was started in 2011 with over half the money already raised for its spring 2014 target date.

Mr Zanol said: “Bermuda needs a modern hospital. Both the future generation and our generation need this. Everyone one of us has to use the hospital at one point or another.

“I would like to say ‘No, I don’t need it’ but we all need it at one point.”

He said the Lindo’s families wanted to do their “little bit” to help this project.

“We are blessed that the Lindo’s families, working all together and to enjoy good health so this is our way of showing our appreciation.”

He said the donation was made in honour of Harry and Marion Lindo, the founders of the company.

“We would like thank our staff and customers. Without the staff taking care of the customers, and the customers coming to the store we would not be able to put money aside. They have all played an integral part in enabling our contribution. Lindo’s is very happy to serve its community in this way.”

Mr Zanol said there are 17 members of the Lindo’s family working for the business.

“We all get along fine and we all have a job to do. This is great so why not give back to the country?”

Wendy Augustus, executive director of BHCT, said: “We are delighted that the Lindo’s family had the foresight to start saving many years ago in order to make such a significant donation to the Why it Matters KEMH redevelopment capital campaign, particularly in this challenging economy.

“As Lindo’s has identified, this project is one that will benefit each and every member of our island community so there really is no better way for companies and individuals to give back to Bermuda.

“The plans and design for the new hospital have been aligned to address Bermuda’s specific health issues, so patients will be provided with a more bespoke kind of health care.”

The ultimate goal of the KEMH Redevelopment Project is to improve the quality of hospital care for all residents. The new hospital will provide a better patient experience in a state-of-the art building with green, sustainable elements that has the potential for medical tourism. The plans incorporate 90 single-patient rooms, a new emergency department, diagnostic imaging, ambulatory care services, same-day surgery and dialysis.