This letter was forwarded to the Bermuda Sun

Dear Dr Michael Weitekamp:

On June 16 I had the misfortune to have experienced a cardiac arrest which necessitated me being flown, the following day, to Boston for treatment.

The purpose of this letter is to highly commend the emergency personnel and others who so ably and professionally responded to my plight. From the security guard who immediately provided me with a wheelchair to the doctors and nurses in the Emergency Department and Dr Sam Mir, cardiologist, who contacted Lahey Hospital. All performed their duties in an exemplary manner.

On my return to Bermuda I was privileged to have been accepted in the cardiac rehabilitation programme on referral by Dr Mir. This is an excellent programme, again ably staffed by professional personnel, dedicated to providing the best advice and information  to cardiac patients.  A debt of gratitude is owed to RD Ms Julie Grace, RN Ms Jeanette Fox and physiotherapist Mr Sandro Fubler for their patience, understanding and attentiveness. I trust this programme will continue for many years to come as it is invaluable benefit to both cardiac patients and their families.

Yours sincerely,

Gerald L. Young