Dear Sir,

Let it be known that I stated here publicly, that Wednesday’s opinion piece by Christopher Famous is a travesty. It is an insult and poison to the mind of all rightful thinking people. 

He has shown that even those whom often speak sensibly and with knowledge and heart can somehow loose their way and be reduced to nothing more than a ranting child.

His view of our great Cup Match season is tainted with the disgusting and pitiful connection to St George’s. 

In his rant he failed to acknowledge that the Cup at this very moment sits among it’s rightful owners, whose skills, collective talent and commitment to the game, and Bermuda, affords them the privilege to hold on to it with honour. Mr Famous mentioned something about some sleeping on the couch due to the division of Cup Match. 

Maybe in the East, but in the West we are united in this fight. But yet, and still, a couch in the West is better then a castle in the East.

The quality of the Bermuda Sun took a big drop on Wednesday and you have Mr Famous to thank for that. 

Mr Famous; clearly you need a rest. Your political work and your work at Belco clearly has taken its toll on you and overheated your brain. 

Take the Cup out of Somerset? Really? Let’s get the BPS on standby because you clearly plan on stealing it. 

No Brasso or disinfectant needed for in God’s country all is always right with our stuff. 

Somerset, Cup Match Champs! You don’t have the skill required to hold the Cup!

Better hope the Causeway is not closed!

Not worthy to cross the bridge!

 Makai Dickerson

Sandys (Somerset)