Curb appeal: If planned well, landscaping can help beautify and add significant value to a property. *Photo supplied
Curb appeal: If planned well, landscaping can help beautify and add significant value to a property. *Photo supplied
In Bermuda, many people, perhaps including you, would love to renovate their landscape, but they just can’t justify putting the time, effort, and money into it right now.

But I am sure that you, like most homeowners, have spent a great deal of time on the interior of your home.

It’s only natural that you want a perfect, relaxing space inside your home.

Perhaps surprisingly, landscaping your property can be a benefit for you in many ways.

Yes, everyone knows that landscaping your property will make it ‘look pretty’, but did you know that it can actually increase the value of your property, and at the same time, its usability and the aesthetics of your home?

The value of a landscape is discussed in an article in Money Magazine. A landscaped property can increase the value of your home from 100 to 200 per cent, “if it is well done and harmonizes with foliage nearby”.

They compare this to the added value of other popular home improvements, such as a kitchen renovation (75-125 per cent), bathroom renovation (80-120 per cent), adding a new deck or patio (40-70 per cent), and the addition of a swimming pool (20-50 per cent).

If you believe you might sell your home in the future, creating an attractive landscape will significantly add to your home’s value. If you are quite content with your neighbourhood and house, read on.

There are other benefits of landscaping.

A landscape provides a very functional role in that it can increase the usability of your property.

Trees and palms can help you save up to 25 per cent on heating and cooling costs by keeping your climate system running more efficiently.

They also provide shelter from wind, rain, and the hot summer sun.

Along with these benefits, planting a nice tree or palm will look marvellous as well. And now we come to the best-known benefit of landscaping.

If planned out well, landscaping will increase the aesthetic quality of your property.

A nice assortment of trees, palms and shrubs helps your home to blend into the surrounding environment, and thus it becomes more visually pleasing.

With the addition of annuals and perennials, colour and visual contrast is added to the landscape.

With a quality landscape that is well maintained, you will feel good to know that an attractive property will reflect positively on its owner.

In my opinion, the biggest reason you should choose to landscape your property is to increase your home’s value.

Properly done, a well-maintained landscaping adds value and curb appeal to your home.

Curb appeal is so important as it is a person’s first-hand impression of your property, and as many realtors will tell you, a property is sold in the first 10 seconds.

Even if you aren’t planning to sell your home, it’s still a good idea to have as much equity as possible in it, so this is where the curb appeal comes into play.

In Bermuda we are blessed with an ideal sub-tropical climate, therefore much consideration should be given to adding outdoor rooms, outdoor kitchens, entertainment areas, gazebos, water features, ponds, and even a sun-room to the landscape of your yard. By doing this, you can add tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands to the value of your property.

In addition to adding value to your home, there are many more fun reasons to begin a landscaping project.

As Bermuda’s terrain is hilly, each piece of land is unique. With professional help you can accentuate the uniqueness of your property and compliment the beauty of your home.

By providing your landscape designer with ideas and suggestions about what appeals to you the most, they will be able to tell you which plants will thrive in your property’s environment. Much consideration has to be given to prevailing winds, salt and soil conditions.

The most important element of landscaping is the pleasure and enjoyment that you and your family acquire from it.

With the right professional help, you can have a lovely property, which can be used year round for enjoyment.

Jefferson C. Sousa is president and founder of Sousa’s Landscape Management Co. Ltd.