Reggie Lambe, pictured, said Bermuda made too many errors during the game against England C. *Photo by Kageaki Smith
Reggie Lambe, pictured, said Bermuda made too many errors during the game against England C. *Photo by Kageaki Smith

Reggie Lambe said Bermuda made too many errors to compete with England C after the home side slumped to a heavy 6-1 defeat at the National Sports Centre on Tuesday night.

The Toronto FC player lamented a lack of cutting edge at both ends of the pitch and believes they needed to make better use of a good 20-minute spell before half-time.

As it was, England C, who were 2-1 up at half-time, tightened up and a second-half hat-trick from James Norwood ensured there was no way back for Bermuda.

Lambe told the Bermuda Sun: “I think we kind of switched off at the end. We played well in the first half to come back and make it 2-1 but I think we could have finished off our chances better to tie the game and maybe go ahead.

“They got two penalties so that’s something to work on as well technically in and around the box. There were a few errors too on my part to give them easy chances so we just need to work on those areas but I think our football was good tonight.”

Lambe insisted there were still opportunities for Andrew Bascome’s team to break through the English representative side’s back line — led well by Anthony Acheampong — but said they made it too easy for their opponents.

He said: “It wasn’t harder [to get behind them] in the second half, we just didn’t do it. We had the opportunities to go forward but we decided we wanted to keep the ball, we did that well but we gave away sloppy chances in the final third.

“We need to work on cutting out the errors and making the right decisions. Top teams like England C will capitalize on that so we need to cut down the errors and start creating chances of our own.”

Lambe’s team-mates Roger Lee and Zico Lewis cut frustrated figures at the final whistle as they immediately went about analyzing how they managed to ship six goals.

Lee told the Sun: “I think we had a slow start. I don’t think everyone was tuned in but as the game progressed after the first 20 minutes I think we started to get into it more.

“Then we got the goal and I feel half-time killed our momentum. Towards the end of the game our shape started to go, we were supposed to stay compact, and then they just started exploiting us.

“In the second half, when you think about the goals they scored, it was just down to simple errors that we should have stopped.

“We need to progress our fitness levels, towards the end the humidity got to us. They are a good team and they stayed organized.”

 Lewis added: “We’ve got a long way to go. We could have played a much better game. I think we were a bit nervous at the start.

"I thought it would be closer but that’s how it goes sometimes, it’s about who does it on the day.

“We need to improve our defensive shape and always make sure we are there covering each other because I felt that was our weakest point.”