Kiskadee Grove, Bermuda’s second ‘green housing development’ on Radnor Road. Phase 1  comprises six three-bedroom units. *Photo supplied
Kiskadee Grove, Bermuda’s second ‘green housing development’ on Radnor Road. Phase 1  comprises six three-bedroom units. *Photo supplied
If ever there was a time for considering an affordable, high return, no risk investment that has the added benefit of positively impacting the environment of Bermuda and the world, it is now.

For the second time, OWC Contracting Ltd. and Solar Bermuda Ltd. have partnered in the provision of such an investment.

Kiskadee Grove is Bermuda’s second ‘green housing development’.

Located at Radnor Road, phase 1 of Kiskadee Grove is comprised of six three-bedroom units.

The first two units are due for completion in April  with the balance of the units being completed in January 2012.

All will incorporate energy efficient and environmentally responsible

energy options including solar hot water and electrical systems.

As the developer and alternative energy advocate, I have considered every aspect of creating an energy-efficient home — from the architectural design to materials used and energy systems installed.

In addition to the solar hot water and electrical systems, roofs are insulated, and energy efficient lighting and reverse-cycle air conditioning have been installed.

Directionally, homes have been situated in such a way as to take advantage of typical wind flow throughout the home, which provides the opportunity of not using air-conditioning in the summer months.

In addition to the 2.2kW photovoltaic electrical system, each unit also comes with a battery back-up system that will continue to power the residence if ever there is a utility power failure, i.e. ‘the electricity goes off’. 

It also enables residents to utilise stored power at night.

Kiskadee Grove units will be a part of the BELCO Interconnection Policy, which was introduced in 2010.

This means that customers who generate their own household power through alternative energy will be able to feed in their excess power to BELCO’s power grid at the same rate that they pay for power.

In other words, if the energy produced by the installed solar systems is more than what is needed for use throughout the residence, that energy will feed back into BELCO’s system and the unit owner will have a credit with BELCO.

What does this mean for the homebuyer?  In addition to allowing each homeowner to decrease their personal carbon footprint, the installed renewable energy sources will provide significant savings on electricity bills. 

Sceptical? At Greenview Villas — the very first alternative energy home development located at Khyber Pass in Warwick — the very first tenant, a family of three, moved into their new home and enjoyed a fully powered home for 10 days without being tied into the BELCO electrical grid.

Perhaps you may be thinking that the overall comfort and or quality of amenities may be impacted? The answer is absolutely not!

This development is as much about providing an energy-efficient or ‘green’ alternative to property development and ownership as it is to providing another example that nothing need be compromised, including our natural environment, by choosing to live in an environmentally responsible way.

The final benefit

How many new homes are currently on the market that can start paying you back immediately upon moving in?

Decreased electricity bills, the opportunity to sell back excess power to the electric light utility, decreasing one’s personal carbon footprint and ultimately investing in the long-term sustainability of Bermuda and the world is clearly an investment worth considering.