Kes the Band will perform at Tiger Bay on August 27 for the Bermuda Summer Jam. *Photo supplied
Kes the Band will perform at Tiger Bay on August 27 for the Bermuda Summer Jam. *Photo supplied

FRIDAY, AUGUST 12 UPDATE: Concert organizer Jason Sukdeo says he wants to revive the days of  bringing to Bermuda top acts such as Byron Lee and the Dragonaires. Creators of this summer’s soca anthem Wotless - Kes The Band - are just the start. Mikaela Ian-Pearman caught up with the stars of soca ahead of their concert.



“Right now, I just wotless and I don’t really care less” is a line that soca-lovers all around the world have been singing for months.

Wotless is a song that took the soca world by storm when it was released before carnival in Trinidad this year.

Now Bermudians will be able to sing along with the tune when soca super group, Kes The Band, performs on August 27.

The Bermuda Summer Jam will take place at Tiger Bay that night and is being organized by Jason Sukdeo.

The band is made up of brothers Kees Dieffenthaller, Hans Dieffenthaller, Jon Dieffenthaller and Riad Boochoon.

They are from Trinidad and Tobago with songs including Where Yuh From, Come Gyal and Ah Ting.

Speaking exclusively to the Bermuda Sun, Kees said the band is “quite excited” for the upcoming show.

“It’s our first time [in Bermuda] and we’re always excited about new  audiences and especially making new fans.”

The lead singer said Bermudians should be prepared for great music, energy and a lot of fun.

Immense success

Asked about the success of Wotless, Kees said: “The immense success of the song has been a surprise but we always felt it was a great song with a message that anyone can relate to.

“We felt if it was given a listen it would be loved but we could not have foreseen the immense love for this record.”

The singer said the band has received “total support, love and encouragement” from its fans.

“By far, we have some of the best fans any band could ask for.

“For us it’s always for the fans”, he added.

Asked if he expected the band to be so successful, Kees said: “We have and will always strive for excellence in all that we set out to do.

“When you put your heart and passion and faith in the almighty, all success is reachable and possible.”

Asked why people should come out to the show, the singer said: “Every Kes show is special. Bermuda will be no exception.

“Rest assured we will give our all and do our utmost to put on a great show.

“A Kes performance is not one to miss ever.

“Ask any of our fans they will tell you.

“Just come and we will take care of the rest.”

Sukdeo said the event was created to “fill the gap” from the days of Byron Lee and the Dragonaires.

“That show ran for 15 years straight and there hasn’t been a real soca show in a few years, at least at Tiger Bay.”

Asked why the decision to bring Kes the Band, Mr Sukdeo, a top Bermuda soca DJ, said: “I thought they could cater to a diverse crowd because Bermuda had a wide range of people.

“They do pop, top 40, reggae and of course soca.

“So we are trying to appeal to a diverse crowd, young and old.”

The organizer said the response has been very good so far.

“Because Wotless is such a huge song this summer, that in itself, people want to come out and see.

“Unless you know soca, nobody’s going to know who the artists are.

“I thought I would have had a tough sell.

“Luckily Wotless was the biggest soca song this summer.”

Sukdeo said he plans to make the event annual and hopes to create a weekend event out of it.

The show will start at 9pm with opening act Pulse.

There will be many giveaways early on in the night from all the sponsors including a BlackBerry Torch.

D’Nice, Sukdeo who goes by D’General and YGS, will play music.