FRIDAY, DECEMBER 23: Both Kentucky Fried Chicken Bermuda and the Bermuda Industrial Union have agreed to engage in discussions at least until January 16, 2012.

Earlier this week a protest was staged by representatives by the BIU when KFC announced it had cancelled the collective bargaining agreement after the two parties could not come to terms over a new one after more than seven months of negotiation.

A press release said: “The parties have committed that those discussions will continue through at least January 16, 2012 unless resolution to outstanding matters is reached sooner.

“The Department of Labour has agreed to provide facilitation services for such discussions as the parties require.

“While there remain significant differences of opinion between KFC and the BIU on certain matters, both parties believe that it is in the best interest of the labour relations process that every effort is made to resolve disagreements through a process of private, direct, and frank discussion between the parties.”

Both parties said they will not be making any public statements or press releases during this time span.

Therefore, both KFC and the BIU have agreed to enter a quiet period while discussions are ongoing

through at least 16th January 2012 and refrain from any new public statements or media releases during this time frame.