Alison Hill, CEO, The Argus Group *Photo supplied
Alison Hill, CEO, The Argus Group *Photo supplied

Do you want to lower your health risk?

Both the Argus Group and Johns Hopkins Medicine International want to help you achieve that.

The two groups have signed an agreement to develop a programme that aims to improve the health of the population through care management for people with high health risks and preventative health management for those at lower levels of risk. 

Michelle Jackson, executive vice president, Group Health at The Argus Group, said in a release: “The strategic collaboration between The Argus Group and Johns Hopkins was formed to improve population health and better manage chronic disease in Bermuda. We want to learn from what Johns Hopkins Medicine has accomplished in the field of population health, and introduce those measures to the community. This is more than just a collaboration between two companies; this is about improving the health of the population, and ensuring the coordination of care through our own primary research. We want to empower people to take control of their own health, and will ensure that they have the correct tools to do so.”

Dr Linda Dunbar, vice president, Population Health for Johns Hopkins HealthCare LLC, will share best practices with Argus.

These practices are rooted in scientific evidence, which she and her team have developed.

Johns Hopkins HealthCare LLC provides health services for three health plans that together serve more than 350,000 members in the US.

Dunbar and her team have had great successes, including their work to support patients with diabetes, end stage renal disease and high-risk pregnancies.

 “The benefits of population health management are both broad and long-term,” says Dunbar. “It may begin with support for individuals, but quickly expands far beyond: As individuals make changes to become healthier, so do those closest to them. 

Financial security

“With improved health comes increased productivity and greater financial security, so it benefits the economy and society.”

 As part of the collaboration, Johns Hopkins Medicine experts will provide guidance on how to shape and launch the programme. 

They will also work closely with Argus on ways to monitor how well the programme is meeting its goals and how it can be improved and expanded.  

 “Johns Hopkins Medicine has a long history of collaborating in Bermuda and sharing what we know about medicine and health care, whether it’s through clinician training programmes or administrative projects,” said Steven J. Thompson, CEO of Johns Hopkins Medicine International. 

“Our work with Argus promises even greater opportunity to have a positive effect on the lives of many Bermudians.”

Alison Hill, CEO, The Argus Group, said in a release: “This is very exciting and we are pleased to have formed such a strong relationship with Johns Hopkins Medicine, a world-class leader in academic health research. 

“In 2005, Argus was the first insurance company to introduce the concept of wellness and preventative care to Bermuda. To this day, we remain committed to finding ways in which to offer more to the community, particularly those suffering from chronic diseases. This is a complex community issue, and our collaboration with Johns Hopkins Medicine brings us one step closer to our vision, where we can share and apply our findings for the benefit of Bermuda.”

The strategic collaboration programme between The Argus Group and Johns Hopkins Medicine International is set to deploy a pilot project in the coming months — more details to follow.