Opposition Leader Marc Bean. *File photo
Opposition Leader Marc Bean. *File photo

The PLP welcome the tabling of Incentives for Job Maker’s Act, but are troubled by Bermuda’s First’s public support of this bill.

A spokesperson for the PLP said the Incentive for Job Maker’s Act, which was tabled on Friday, was a key component of the PLP’s vision for getting Bermudians back to work.

“For that reason, we welcome the tabling of this bill by the OBA and the opportunity to provide our perspective and ideas to make this work better for all Bermudians.

“Despite this, the PLP was deeply troubled by Bermuda First’s public support of this bill in its current form. As Co-Chair of the Bermuda First Committee, the Opposition Leader (Marc Bean) should have been included in the discussions surrounding the suitability of the Incentives For Job Makers Act, its potential benefits and flaws. That would have been the open, accountable and transparent thing to do. 

“Instead, the PLP’s Leader was excluded from the decision making process and played no role in the issuing of this statement by Bermuda First. It was dishonest and wrong to attach Mr. Marc Bean’s name to this statement.”

The spokesperson said they want to work to strengthen the bill and be in the vanguard in protecting Bermudian jobs. 

The Incentives for Job Makers Act has been getting solid endorsements from the business community.

RenRe CEO and president, Kevin O’Donnell, said: “We… commend the Government of Bermuda for its commitment to reviewing this important legislation.  We believe the latest revisions represent a significant step towards creating more jobs in Bermuda and ensuring the long term prosperity of Island.”

“The enhancements proposed to the Incentives for Job Makers Act tabled in the House on Friday are very much welcomed; they recognize the significant contribution of international business to the economy of Bermuda and have the potential to strengthen the continuity of those companies already well-established here. Securing the loyalty of businesses and their senior executives located in Bermuda may well increase the likelihood that companies continue to remain here and more importantly that jobs remain here.”

 Leila Madeiros, senior vice president and deputy director of the Association of Bermuda Insurers and Reinsurers said: “We are encouraged by the Government’s proposed amendments and its willingness to table legislation for consideration to encourage insurance and reinsurance leadership of Bermuda-based companies to have their senior executives remain on island and by doing so continue to have jobs locally based in Bermuda.” n