A jail cell at Westgate. *File photo
A jail cell at Westgate. *File photo

A Somerset man who claimed he works for the One Bermuda Alliance threatened to “f*** up” a police officer was today jailed for 90 days.

Mendell Outerbridge, 30, was arrested early this morning on Malabar Road after he yelled obscenities towards police officers.

He has previous convictions for assaulting an officer and violently resisting arrest.

Outerbridge said to officers: “F*** you all you p******. I don’t give a f***. I’ll f*** you up.”

This happened after officers pulled over a car he was a passenger at 1:24am.

Outerbridge stepped out of the car with a plastic cup in his hand filled with what officers believed to be alcohol.

Crown counsel Nicole Smith said he moved towards the officers in an “aggressive” manner.

Outerbridge then said: “What the f*** are you stopping me for? I don’t event have a warrant. What are you p****** stopping me for?”

He continued to shout at the officers and was arrested.

Outerbridge didn’t stop his rant and said: F*** you all you p******. I don’t give a f***. I’ll f*** you up.”

The officers tried to handcuff him but he resisted arrest.

Outerbridge was eventually put in the back of a police car and driven towards the Hamilton Police Station.

When the car got to the Port Royal stretch, Outerbridge said to Police Sergeant Hayward: “I’m going to f*** you up. I know where you live. I f***** up the police already. I know where you live.”

He was then told he would also be charged with threatening words.

Addressing the court, Outerbridge, visibly agitated, said: “I don’t look like that type of person to be saying those words to a citizen of the law.

“This guy has to be bothering somebody for me to be going on like that.”

Outerbridge then told the court he works for the OBA and added: “I don’t know why I’m here.

“I have no warrants, I have committed no crime.

“I don’t know why they worry about words down here. It don’t mean nothing, I can’t believe I’m here.”

After speaking with to duty counsel Kenlyn Swan, Outerbridge apologised to the court.

But Senior Magistrate Archibald Warner said: “This is the worst type of threats.

“There is no indication that this was just a fickle fashion in that he referred to an incident where he assaulted a police officer and said he knows where he lives.

“Again, aggravating. I must consider his attitude here today.”

He continued: “I am of the view that this matter calls for an immediate custodial sentence.

“In the circumstances, 30 days for count one and 90 days for count two.”

The maximum penalty was six months in prison.