Here’s the latest column in a series that aims to keep you up-to-date on developments at the new Bermuda Tourism Authority.

How will the Bermuda Tourism Authority be structured?

The new enterprise will be led by a Board of Directors and managed by a Chief Executive Officer and other senior executive positions

It will consist of four divisions:

Tourism Investment

Product & Experience 

Sales & Marketing

Corporate Support  

New Tourism Authority functions and services, identified by governance model research undertaken by the Authority, such as investment and funding; product and experience development; tourism research; tourism education and training; as well as niche marketing and management, will be included within the divisions. These will be added to functions that were undertaken by the Bermuda Department of Tourism in the past, such as branding, and sales and marketing. There will also be a research and business intelligence unit. These new roles reflect the priorities of the National Tourism Plan. 

How is the Bermuda Tourism Authority funded?

In the short term, for the first few years, Government will contribute to the Bermuda Tourism Authority the same amount as it has in the past towards tourism less certain amounts that cover responsibilities, like licensing and regulation that will remain within the Ministry. The Bermuda Tourism Authority will collect funds, as the former Tourism Board did, through the guest fee (2.5 per cent) charged to hotel guests. One of the prime responsibilities and objectives of the Authority is, however, to look for ways to raise its own funding. 

Source: Bermuda Tourism Authority