Secretary to the Cabinet and Head of Civil Service Donald Scott *Photo supplied
Secretary to the Cabinet and Head of Civil Service Donald Scott *Photo supplied

The Cabinet Office today announced that Secretary to the Cabinet and Head of Civil Service, Mr. Donald Scott, is to retire at the end of November 2013.

Mr. Scott was appointed to the post of Secretary to the Cabinet and Head of Civil Service on November 12, 2010. In this dual capacity, Mr. Scott is the chief policy adviser to the Premier of Bermuda and has oversight responsibility for all aspects of government operations and its delivery of public services to the Bermuda community and its international partners.

Mr. Scott has twenty-seven years’ experience as a senior manager and executive in the Bermuda Civil Service. Previously, he held the positions of Financial Secretary – a post that he held from April 2000 to November 2010, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health and Family Services, Assistant Financial Secretary (Economics & Finance), and Chief Statistician.

Mr. Scott recalled that he started his career with Government in 1972 as a Statistical Clerk in the Department of Statistics under then Chief Statistician Mr. Calvin Smith. He was awarded a Bermuda Government Bursary in 1973 to study in the areas of economics, finance and statistics. He returned to the Statistics Department in 1979 as a Statistical Officer after obtaining a combined honours degree in Economics and Sociology from Dalhousie University.

Of his career in government, Mr. Scott said: “Serving the public is very rewarding. In public policy work, there is an opportunity to improve the well-being of many people by helping to shape and implement good policy. Good policy depends on having access to factual information. Therefore developing sound statistics is important for good public policy.

“I have helped to develop social and economic indicators for Bermuda, assisted in financial policy, housing policy, health care policy, transport policy and much else besides.

“I have had a full career of some 34 years and I have enjoyed it. One of my personal long term goals was to exercise my retirement option when I reached 60 years old and that time has arrived.

“The public sector is often the butt of harsh jokes in many countries including Bermuda.

“The truth is that there are many honest, talented, dedicated, hard-working and loyal people who choose to work in the public sector because they have a passion for public service.

“I believe that the majority of our public sector workers have these qualities and I consider that they will continue to give excellent service to Bermuda.

“I refer to civil servants, teachers, law enforcement officers, nurses, public transport workers, health care workers, social workers, waste management workers and others in public service.”

The Premier of Bermuda, the Hon L. Craig Cannonier, JP, MP said: “Although we’ve worked together for only a short while, I can state that Donald Scott is dedicated and focused on serving the public.  He has helped us accomplish our goals and has been a pleasure to work with.  On behalf of the Civil Service and Cabinet members, we wish him the very best as he retires from service.”

The process to select the Secretary to the Cabinet is governed by the Bermuda Constitution and is managed by the Public Service Commission. An announcement will be made in due course.