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The Minister of Community and Cultural Development, the Hon. R. Wayne Scott, JP MP, the Minister with responsibility for the Bermuda Housing Corporation (BHC), having discussed with the BHC Board, the future of the Grand Atlantic Housing Complex, Southshore, Warwick, has issued the following statement.

The Minister stated: “After significant review and assessment the Government has concluded that the only responsible thing to do is to take a step back before any further decisions are made. The reality is that the Bermuda Housing Corporation cannot afford the financial strain.”

The Minister also said the Government must also consider the consequences of putting 78 units on a housing market which already has a surplus of empty apartments. “Before this action is taken the responsible thing to do would be to publish a Request For Proposal (RFP) which would be open to any person or entity, local or international, in order for the Government to determine the best use for the property going forward.”

The Minister continued: “If an alternative use is selected for the property, preference would be given to a project that is financially beneficial to Bermuda as well as one that creates employment and has a positive social impact.”

The Minister also addressed the issue of the residents currently residing at the property, and/or others who may be interested in purchasing, or those who are at different stages in the process of acquiring a Unit, by indicating that the Government would put all sales on hold for the moment. If another use is determined for the property Government will consider this issue on case by case basis, in a mutually beneficial and transparent manner.