Tomii Culver won a contest in the Bahamas to represent the country in 'Some Like it Hot'. *Photo supplied
Tomii Culver won a contest in the Bahamas to represent the country in 'Some Like it Hot'. *Photo supplied

THURSDAY, FEB. 16: It’s been a while since Bermuda has held a major fashion event with international models, designers and photographers.

But as soon as the weather warms up, the Poinciana Ballroom at the Fairmont Southampton will be transformed into a premier fashion event.

It will be filled with glitz and glamour and will serve as a homecoming of sorts for Mario Dismont of Spectrum Productions.

Mr Dismont was known for beautiful fashion shows in the 1970s and 1980s.

This time around, the event is called ‘Some Like it Hot, An International Fashion Excursion’.

It will be held on April 6.

Mr Dismont explains why he decided to come back after taking a long break.

“There had been a flurry of fashion shows that have been held here on the island in the last two or three years and many of the people that had previously been to my shows had also been to these recent shows and had approached me and stated that I need to come out and do a show again as they had enjoyed the shows that Shay Lake and I had produced many years ago.

“Also having investigated the international fashion show environment, I discovered that there are no major forums for up and coming designers from around the world.

“When the big cities in Europe and the United States stage their fashion weeks they generally feature the top designers and neglect those that have not yet made it.

He continued: “In the smaller areas such as the Caribbean, South America, the Far East and Africa, the major merchandisers don’t attend their fashion weeks.

“I think that Bermuda is located in the right place out here in the Atlantic, in between the major fashion powers to take advantage of this void in the industry.

“We have the hospitality and communication infrastructure to attract the two major stake holders, designers and merchandisers from these regions.”

Mr Dismont said the event will feature models from the Bahamas, Spain, Ukraine and New York.

Bahamas even held a contest for a model to represent the Island at the fashion show here.

Tomii Culver won and will be strutting her stuff in April.

“This show has been a labour of love.

“I have listened to over three thousand pieces of music in order to get the final 70 songs that will be used during the show.

“There will be a surprise special effect that will be used to enhance the look of the stage.

“The leading light and sound company here in Bermuda, Great Sound, will be providing state of the art lighting effects and the highest quality sound equipment.”

Mr Dismont said the show will be commentated by Phyllis Garraway of the Bahamas.

As for local models, there is a criteria.

“We are looking for 20-plus male and female Bermudian models.

“The females must at least 5’ 8” and 5’ 10” for males.”

Mr Dismont said the models should have some runway experience and send two photos along with their modelling history to him.

Auditions will be held the first week of March.

In addition to the models and designers, there will also be an international photography and film crew.

“There will be a noted photographer from London, Dave Hogan, who will be attending the event to shoot the show.

“Mr Hogan has been commissioned by celebrities such as Michael Jackson, George Clooney and Mick Jagger, just to name a few.”

“Spectrum is in negotiations with a TV station in New York, BTE, and a fashion magazine also from New York, Fashion Avenue News, who are interested in covering the show.”

Mr Dismont said there haven't been international models and designers in Bermuda since the days of Ebony Fashion Fair more than 20 years ago.

“This event will be one where you will want to see and be seen.

“There is a saying that has been used over the past couple of years to explain something very special and it states ‘this is off the chain’.

“Well this show will be ‘nowhere near the chain’.”

Advance tickets are $90, which allows the holder to sit in reserved seating on either side of the runway.

They are available until the end of the month and can be bought by emailing

General admission is $100.

For models wanting to audition, email