An example of the Pelz putter clip used to improve the stroke. *Photo supplied
An example of the Pelz putter clip used to improve the stroke. *Photo supplied

Glenn seems to be making amazing progress — the only issue is when he holds the club too hard.

This then results in the ball leaking out to the right. Evidence of this was the fact after just 30 minutes of hitting balls his hands were aching.

Looking at Glenn’s putting, again all seems to be going along fine. The issue seems to be understanding what are the fundamentals to putting.

The overriding priority is speed control, the ability to judge the distance the ball goes. The key to doing this is to make excellent contact every time, but how do you know you are hitting the ball out of the sweet spot (middle of the middle of the club)?

A Pelz putter clip is the tool that we use to see if we are. If you look at the picture, you will see that if you do not hit the ball dead centre, the clips push the ball wildly off line.

You do not need to purchase the putting clips from Dave Pelz golf, although I would recommend it.

You can attempt to fashion your own out of rubber-bands or other materials. However, Dave Pelz golf has spent thousands of hours of research. It simply is not worth it to me, to try to fashion my own aid and have it faulty in some way that would adversely affect my training.

Once Glenn focused on hitting the ball more purely with the exclusion of everything else his distance control improved and so did the aim.

If you do not hit the ball in the centre, the ball will not start at the target because the club will twist.

Finally the focus was on what to think of with shorter putts. Often there is a fear of missing the shorter putts which means a short nervy stroke transpires. So we focused on the concept of not getting the ball in BUT just starting it at the correct speed and line. If it goes in that’s great, but all the focus is on starting the ball on the right line.

You can’t control if the ball goes in and if you try you will fail. Bring it on Collie. 

Paul Adams is the PGA director of golf at Rosewood Tucker’s Point.