The political presence on Facebook is growing every day. Here James Whittaker takes a look at some of the quirky facts, interesting debates and vital statistics of Bermuda’s most active social networkers in all three parties.

Ewart Brown, PLP, Premier

Friends: 4,205

Quotable: “It was my plan and my promise to serve ONE term.

“Ask any member of the PLP who has been around for more than a few years and he/she will confirm this. The reason for that will be explained in the book.”

Fun Facebook fact: What do President Obama, golfer Angel Cabrera and actor Morgan Freeman have in common? They all make guest appearances on the Premier’s Facebook photo page.

Terry Lister, PLP, Running for Premier

Friends: 419

Quotable: “The steeper the climb, the stronger the stamina! It’s Bermuda’s turn!”

Fun Facebook fact: Terry Lister is a Facebook newbie, signing up as part of his campaign strategy.

His page includes video endorsements from sports stars Janeiro Tucker and Jay Donawa, as well as Dr Brown’s chief critic Phil Perinchief.

Dale Butler, PLP, Running for Premier

Friends: 563

Quotable: “The world is laughing at us. Spoilt.

“Not much attention to solutions for our boys, the unemployed, or the homeless. Frightened to move to solutions for real problems? We are going to be left behind.”

Fun Facebook fact: Dale Butler announced his bid to run for Premier on Facebook with a promise of fishcakes for all at his launch.

Michael Dunkley, UBP, Shadow Home Affairs Minister

Friends: 1,998

Quotable: “In listening to the news this week it seems strange that the Census 2010 is so far behind schedule.

“This situation imo is unacceptable as a census is very important. We must do better!”

Fun Facebook fact: Mr. Dunkley lists his favourite music as Prestege, Twanée and KEY LOADS.

Jeff Sousa, UBP Chairman and candidate

Friends: 1,181

Quotable: “I am a talker! But I can assure all I talk the talk and Walk the walk!

“I love life! I love Bermuda and its people.”

Fun Facebook fact: Mr. Sousa lists his interests as watches, gardening and collecting rocks and minerals.

Mark Pettingill, BDA, MP, spokesman on crime

Friends: 229

Quotable: “When the time of judgment comes it will not suffice for men and women to say, ‘I was told to do this or was powerless to act’, or ‘ I was a cog in the wheel’.

“They should be held equally accountable for their inaction.” — his verdict on Phil Perinchief’s critique of Dr. Brown.

Fun Facebook fact: Mr. Pettingill reveals on his page that he is a practicing Buddhist.

He also says that he is a “loving father and partner trying daily to be a better man”.

Craig Cannonier, BDA, leader

Friends: 408

Quotable: “Igor was no match for Bermuda... we yawned through the whole thing, lol.”

Fun Facebook fact: Mr. Cannonier lists his favourite band as American rockers Weezer — a favourite with college kids the world over. He also has friends within all political parties.