Centrepiece: The Ridiculous Caesar and Bloody Mary Bar cocktail *Photo by Hannah Collins
Centrepiece: The Ridiculous Caesar and Bloody Mary Bar cocktail *Photo by Hannah Collins

The Dock at Waterlot has gone all out to catch the lion’s share of Bermuda’s weekend winers and diners this summer.

Aside from adding several new food and drink options to the menu, the new boss on the block is The Dock’s Ridiculous Caesar and Bloody Mary Bar.

The Ridiculous Bar menu had me confused at first — the options included a selection of juices, spirits and seasoning, and then ‘Ridiculous toppings’ including a mini burger... I had no idea whether I was ordering a drink or food. It turns out the Ultimate Caesar is a colossal combination of the two.  

What came to the table was a small cauldron of Bloody Mary and protruding out of it on tall skewers were about eight different appetizers ranging from a mini wagyu burger, a tiny steak with seared scallop, a shrimp, and the ‘piece de resistance’ — a lobster tail with full fan. On the side of the dish was a tiny bucket of roasted veg and olives, and on the other side was a chilled, fresh oyster. 

My eyes almost popped out when I saw it and the commotion attracted several tourists to approach our table and start taking pictures. 

At $99, it’s a bit of a luxury but it’s not something you will forget in a hurry.

Most of the appetizers were delicious — the tiny little burger could easily have been overcooked but it was still juicy and bursting with the smoky Gouda and seared beef flavour. 

Delicately cooked

Another favourite was the prime rib topped with a seared scallop — the colour of molasses on the outside yet a delicately cooked centre. 

The appetizers came out luke warm — I’m not sure if it was intentional but I’d have liked most of mine hot — especially the meat. 

The oyster, which I saved until last, tasted like a little drop of ocean. 

The Bloody Mary itself wasn’t to my taste — not so much velvety, rich as tart with a touch too much Tabasco. Granted, I’d left the choice of ingredients to the staff so it was pot luck. I think they used clamato instead of tomato juice so it was quite salty as well. 

A word in the waiter’s ear will certainly fix that. The staff are extremely accommodating and attentive and, I took note, not just to our table but to all the tables around us.  

The other appetizers that stood out on the regular, quite reasonably-priced ‘Bites’ menu were the spiralled bacon strips in brown sugar and cilantro mignonette, the spiced lamb kofta kebabs served on mini BBQ with a side of zingy tzaziki, and the
yellowfin tuna on potato crisp (a Pringle). 

New cocktails

The all-new cocktail menu is lots of fun — my favourites included the sweet Saketumi with a hint of orange and rosemary, and the Kiwi Lime Press which combined summery flavours of Bombay, lychee liquor, sour apple, lime, mint and kiwi. It’s also worth trying The Molecular for the novelty of the Cointreau caviar.

As for the entertainment, ukulele player/singer Mike Hind is a lot of fun — on each occasion I’ve seen him, he will give a call out to the people he knows in the audience, make jokes and accommodates music requests from guests and residents. The talented young Bermudian Chris Finsness also performs on Saturday nights. 

This is a weather-dependent spot — check www.weather.bm to make sure there are no showers heading in. The Sunday before last when we went was perfect. We watched a sunset that turned from pink and indigo to a deep orange over a backdrop of gently swaying boats. 

Billed as “waterside chic…with a sexy, sophisticated vibe”, the Dock hosts its outdoor events every weekend from Thursday to Sunday (this week), then from Wednesday to Sunday as of next week. Sundays are billed as Moet Ice Sundays, where you can try the sweet champagne served on ice.