Pub fare: Seasoned fish with fries and vegetables *Photo by Sarah Lagan
Pub fare: Seasoned fish with fries and vegetables *Photo by Sarah Lagan

With the sun shining last Friday, I thought a trip out west to Salt Rock Grill was in order. 

It’s such a great location overlooking Mangrove Bay with a big garden and informal atmosphere.  

Looking at the menu, there were a few entrées that jumped out at me but, with the sun beaming down and the ocean in view, I yearned for fish.

For the appetizer, I opted for Kim’s Potato Skins, which were decent — in particular the bacon bits had a nice, hard crunch. They were topped with a large dose of mild cheddar cheese, a refreshing sour cream and a fresh salad garnish. 

Definitely an enjoyable starter and three skins were way more than enough.

My guest chose the stuffed mushrooms with curried mayo and they come highly recommended — a crisp, golden coating oozing with juicy mushrooms and melted cheese. The curry mayo offers the main flavour to this dish — it’s not too spicy — probably made with a little cumin and turmeric. 

The cheese inside was so subtle you could barely taste it over the mayo but it did enhance the texture. 

On to the mains, the Silk Snapper with an almond and banana crust instantly caught my eye but they were out of snapper so I asked for it with mahi mahi. 

However, I was served something completely different — a seasoned flour-coated mahi, alas, with no almonds or banana...

Oh well… the dish was great but not as exciting as my first choice sounded. It came in a rich, creamy lemon butter sauce and medley of carrots, zucchini, broccoli and cauliflower. The fish itself was so succulent — perfectly cooked.  

My guest went for the Caesar Salad which came served with a basil marinated chicken. 

She left the chicken as she felt there were too many different flavours to the dish. 

Finally, I went for the Apple Pie and Vanilla Ice Cream for dessert. All the desserts were homemade and you could tell with this course — a flaky pastry with a sweet, hot apple centre. 

All in all we had a satisfying meal and service with a smile.