Fresh: Sashimi and tataki. *Photo by Mikaela Ian Pearman
Fresh: Sashimi and tataki. *Photo by Mikaela Ian Pearman

I’m not much of a sushi lover, so I was a little anxious about going to Beluga Bar for a meal. 

And no, I’m not a sushi first-timer, I just find it to be a bit overrated and not something that I go out of my way to get. 

Having said that, the meal and the dining experience I had at Beluga were fabulous. 

My partner and I sat at the bar right in front of Chef Allan. He asked if we had any allergies and if there was anything we didn’t like. 

My partner is a complete sushi novice and not a big fan of raw fish, so he was a bit concerned, but soon, he was enjoying the food. 

Chef Allan started us off with a Japanese Pizza and Japanese Popcorn Shrimp. 

Now, I know you’re thinking ‘What the heck is a Japanese Pizza?’ and I was thinking the same thing. 

Basically, it’s a mixture of onions and peppers mixed with tempura flour to make a batter, then deep fried. 

It’s then cut up like a pizza and topped with Japanese mayonnaise, guacamole and A1 sauce. 

The pizza was crispy and full of flavour while the creaminess of the sauce added to the dish. 

The popcorn shrimp was basically tempura coconut shrimp with the Japanese mayo but the sauce was torched to add more flavour. While I’m not a big fan of coconut, this dish was good. It was crunchy, sweet and creamy all at the same time. 

Next, we had salmon tataki and peppered tuna sashimi. I will start by saying I’m not a fan of sashimi because I don’t like raw fish on its own. The fish was like butter, but I wasn’t a fan. The tataki on the other hand was absolutely delicious. The salmon was sliced beautifully thin and each piece had a slither of lime on it and kiwi sauce next to it. 

The tataki was topped with a little bit of the A1 sauce. It was perfect. 

Next we had the diamond dragon roll, which isn’t on the menu but is available by special request. This was the best part of our meal by far.

The roll had shrimp tempura and salmon and was wrapped in pink soy paper. It was topped with sushi sauce.

The roll was crunchy and creamy at the same time, with a big dose of flavour. 

The last course was salmon and eel nigiri. Both of these were delicious and they were small enough not to make our full bellies burst. 

The wasabi on the side added a nice kick to the rolls. 

All in all, this was the best sushi experience I have had and I’ve eaten a fair amount of sushi in my time. My partner also
really enjoyed the meal and is looking forward to going back to Beluga.