Full Fitness: Exercise Workout Trainer — a personal trainer in your pocket.

In a world where everyone is jumping on the latest weight loss plan or promoting their own unique “look-like-Hugh-Jackman-in-45-minutes” magic workout, Full Fitness provides a helpful, realistic workout companion and is an incredibly useful tool for everyone, from the average Joe trying to get in a good workout once in a while to the most dedicated body-builder and everyone in between.

Full Fitness features a complete list of hundreds of different exercises with step-by-step picture and video instructions that can be filtered by body part, muscle, equipment, and so on. Feel like working on your shoulders? Simply tap on the shoulders option and scroll through dozens of shoulder exercises.

The app also features dozens of workouts for every goal that can be customized and tailored to fit you personally. Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, focus on a specific body part, or focus on the conditioning required for a specific sport, Full Fitness has a programme for you, ensuring that no matter what your goals are, they can help you meet them.

Once you are on your programme of choice, you can log every rep of every set in order to track progress, achieve goals, and hit new personal bests. At $2, this app is a complete steal.