*Photo by Glenn Tucker
*Photo by Glenn Tucker

In a letter sent out to residents on Wednesday Sinky Bay Properties Limited apologized for the inconvenience caused by the work.

But the firm, which is owned by the Green Brothers, insisted it had permission for the work.

The letter stated: “As you are aware, Sinky Bay Properties Limited is currently intending to build a beach club at the South Beaches property.

“Boats Bay is intended as a safe and calm bay for guests to enjoy this beach club facility.

“However, there is currently an area of significant sediment inverted blowout in the shallow waters of the bay, which presents a two-fold problem.

“One — Safety of swimmers; the current unevenness of the bay means that swimmers can step from depths of 2ft to over 5ft in one step.

“Coupled with a lack of water clarity in the bay this presents an extremely hazardous situation.

“Moreover, there is currently a coarse mix of rubble in some areas, which is uncomfortable and dangerous to walk on, and a slippery clay-like sediment covering in others.

“Two —  exacerbation of the issue of water circulation in the bay.

“A good water exchange is already compromised in Boats Bay as seen by the pea green colour of the water.

“Deeper areas such as these and ‘blow-out’ zones will serve to further reduce circulation of the water.

“Dredging permission to adjust this was secured from the Ministry of Public Works earlier this year.

“The request for permission was taken to the Marine Resources Board, which had no objection.

“The intent of the work was to skim sand from an area traversing the ridge on the beach at Cross Bay and transfer it to Boats Bay, thereby smoothing out the beach at Cross Bay in the process.

“We sincerely apologize if our work caused any inconvenience at the weekend but we have every intention of ensuring that the beach at Cross Bay is left levelled and safe for you to enjoy.”