FRIDAY, JUNE 10: LookBermuda has made a short film highlighting the role Bermuda plays in the international campaign to save the Sargasso Sea.

A campaign has been launched by the Atlantic Conservation Partnership, the not-for-profit support charity for the Bermuda Aquarium Museum and Zoo. ACP, which has commissioned the film, said that the film is the precursor to a longer film it plans to make that can be used in classrooms to raise public awareness  about the need to make the Sea a Marine Protected Area.

The film explores the eco-rich area in the middle of the North Atlantic west of Bermuda that’s populated with a diverse range of creatures and plants, including the namesake floating seaweed, Sargassum.


Local and international conservationists, are teaming with the Bermuda government and have launched an effort to have the Sargasso Sea protected by law.

 “This is a really exciting project for which our LookBermuda team created a purpose-built studio allowing us to film the Sargassum eco-system in hi-definition at the extreme macro level,” said LookBermuda’s Jean-Pierre Rouja.

The film was funded by ACP, which supports programmes to protect and support threatened habitats and species. It can be seen at the pocket theatre at Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo, on Look TV (Cable Channel 1), Google Ocean,, the ACP website ( and on Facebook.