A father today admitted punching his child’s mother in the eye.

Quinton Basden, 28, and his ex-girlfriend Mandy Scott were both at an event at Inferno Lounge at 12am on June 1.

Ms Scott was with her friends when Basden approached her. The pair exchanged words about Basden giving the complainant cash.

The court heard Basden then threw the money on the ground and threw a drink on Ms Scott.

Ms Scott reported the matter to security. At 3am, she left the event and went to her car.

Mr Basden approached her car and punched her in the left eye, causing it to bruise and turn red.

Ms Scott reported the matter to police and went to the hospital.

The defendant went to the police station and was arrested. At 12:37pm that day, he was interviewed and admitted assaulting Ms Scott.

Ms Scott and Basden have a two-year-old child.

Crown counsel Susan Mulligan told the court Ms Scott came to court with the intention of dropping the charges.

“I told her that I wasn’t willing to do that. Mr Basden said he would plead guilty to simple assault.

“Both are interested in counseling. He had no record and he has taken responsibility and admitted it at the first opportunity.”

Senior Magistrate Archibald Warner adjourned the matter to August 28 and ordered pre-sentencing reports.

Basden was granted $2,000 bail and must not interfere with Ms Scott.