OBA MP Nandi Outerbridge *File photo
OBA MP Nandi Outerbridge *File photo

The ruling OBA yesterday distanced itself from controversy over the alleged hacking of one of its MP’s Facebook pages.

Nandi Outerbridge has denied sending offensive messages and said her account — one of two in her name — had been hacked. The account has now been closed.

She has retained law firm Marshall, Diel and Myers with a view to taking legal action. The firm’s Katie Tornari said the matter had been reported to the police, but declined to comment further.

A spokeswoman for Premier Craig Cannonier said: “It’s a personal matter that Nandi’s going through – he [the Premier] is not going to comment on it.”

And an OBA spokesman added: “We are not going to make any further comment — this is a private matter between Nandi, her lawyer, and the police.

“The party is not involved and isn’t going to get involved.”

A spokesman for the PLP also declined to comment on the matter.

Kim Swan, who previously represented the St George’s West seat Ms Outerbridge, then Nandi Davis, won for the OBA at last December’s General Election, said: “I have heard some scuttlebutt, but I don’t know too much about it.

“I wouldn’t want to make any comment on it.”

Lively chatter on social media

The alleged hacking of an MP’s Facebook page has been a hot topic on social networking sites.

The Bermuda Sun reported on Wednesday that screen grabs of two messages, taken from the Facebook private messaging service, had appeared on social media sites like Whatsapp and Instagram.

The messages appeared to come from a mobile device in the name of Nandi Outerbridge, the OBA MP for St George’s West. But Ms Outerbridge said the messages were faked after one of her Facebook accounts — which has now been closed down — was hacked.


When we spoke to her earlier this week, she added that she had referred the matter to law firm Marshall, Diel and Myers with a view to taking legal action over the messages.

One poster on Whatsapp said: “Forensic computer specialists can determine the source of hacking far quicker than a lawyer can.”

Another message, on Twitter, said: “...Even though I find the Nandi Davis [story] hilarious, I still feel sorry for her.”

Others wanted to know the content of the messages.

The Bermuda Sun has seen the content of the messages, but has chosen not to publish them.

Ms Outerbridge told us earlier this week she was “beyond shocked” when she discovered the substance and tone of the messages.

She was elected as Nandi Davis by just four votes at last December’s General Election and took the Outerbridge name after she married last month.