One Hamilton eatery found itself in hot water yesterday after it posted a notice to parents about how to handle their children while at the restaurant.

Tribe Road Kitchen posted a statement on its Facebook page on Monday afternoon in an attempt to make the restaurant a more enjoyable eating environment for its customers.

The statement said: “Over the last few months we have noticed a growing trend in the behaviour of some of the children that is impacting service, cleanliness and — most importantly of all — the quality of experience enjoyed by other clientele.

“Going forward we are requesting that those customers who bring their children to ensure that they remain seated with them at all times.

“We understand that for some of you this may seem unjust and we apologise, however we are trying to improve every aspect of our product.”

Tribe Road Kitchen is known for their back garden, a place where parents have taken their children so that they can play while the food is made.

There were more than 100 comments on the thread as of press time with some commenters expressing their outrage at the café while others stood in support of the decision.

Donna Lee Barnes said: “Nothing is more annoying than trying to enjoy lunch and conversation and having kids running all around you. It is not a playground folks!”

Lauren Shah added: “This is very unfortunate. One of the only reasons I go there is because it’s a nice place to bring the kids while you wait in line for 30 minutes for a cup of coffee. Now I have no reason to go. Big mistake TRK...good luck!”

Emma Terrell Leitch said: “Wow, this is sad. Letting the kids explore the outdoor space was the big differentiator between TRK and other coffee shops... but we won’t come where we’re not welcome.”

And Ryan Whiting added: “Honestly, I’m surprised at the outrage expressed here. TRK is a restaurant, not a playground. I see no problem with this position.”

Earlier on Tuesday, the café put another statement on their Facebook page saying there has to be a “balance”. The restaurant said: “We welcome everyone. However; we can’t have the experience of our patrons ruined by unruly children.

“We have had no objection to children playing in the yard, however, screaming, rock throwing, climbing trees amongst other things are not cool or considered acceptable behaviour.”

Yesterday afternoon, a final statement said the original post was in response to an “escalating problem”.

 “However, we stand by our request for children to remain with their family. As former kids ourselves, we remember our parents insisting on this.

“Family-friendly does not give free reign to use our space as a playground, and we imagine the majority of establishments would agree with us on this.”