THURSDAY, OCTOBER 20: Six task forces have been set up by Government to help implement the National Health Plan.

The move was announced this morning by Health Minister Zane De Silva.

He said: “The purpose of the task groups is to develop policy options to implement the Health Plan goals.

“Therefore the task group members will serve as consultative groups to provide their knowledge and expertise in the development of the policy options.”

The six task groups will look at; financing and reimbursement, benefit design, health IT, long term care, health promotion and prevention and overseas care.

The 62 members of the groups are made up of representatives from across the community including Government, the business sector, healthcare professionals and patient advocates.

A steering committee will oversee the work of the six groups to ensure they are working ‘in tandem’.

Minister De Silva added: “The suggested deadline for each task group to deliver options is dependent on their particular goal.

“Some will be longer, and some have started already. But all of them will be working hard to ensure the Health Plan becomes a reality.”

Steering Committee

  1. Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Health Kevin Monkman (Chair)
  2. Zane De Silva, JP, MP, Minister of Health the Hon.
  3. Dr. Jennifer Attride-Stirling, Bermuda Health Council
  4. Dr. John Cann, Chief Medical Officer, Department of Health
  5. Anthony Manders, Acting Financial Secretary
  6. Sarah D'Alessio, MOH Policy Analyst
  7. Venetta Symonds, Bermuda Hospitals Board
  8. Dr. Alicia Stovell, Health Professional
  9. Peter Parker, Business Stakeholder
  10. Dave Woodward, Business Stakeholder
  11. David Northcott, Public Advocate

Financing and Reimbursement Task Group

  1. Dr. Jennifer Attride-Stirling, Bermuda Health Council (Chair)
  2. Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Health Kevin Monkman
  3. Collin Anderson, Health Insurance Department
  4. Delia Baisden, Bermuda Hospitals Board
  5. Gerald Simons, Insurance Representative
  6. Dr Kyjuan Brown, Health Professional
  7. Richard Winchell, Business stakeholder
  8. Mike Fisher, Business Stakeholder
  9. Teresa Chatfield, Business Stakeholder
  10. Nicola O'Leary, Public Advocate
  11. Marcelo Ramella, Bermuda Monetary Authority
  12. George Spurling, Management Services
  13. Michelle Ye, BHeC Health Economist
  14. Larry Peck, Business Stakeholder


Benefit Design Task Group
  1. Tawanna Wedderburn, Bermuda Health Council (Chair)
  2. Dr. Jennifer Attride-Stirling, Bermuda Health Council
  3. Lise Outerbridge, Department of Health
  4. DyJuan DeRoza, Department of Health
  5. Dr Michael Ashton, Bermuda Hospitals Board
  6. Dr June Hill, Health Professional
  7. Dr Roland Sams, Health Professional
  8. Pat Viera, Insurance Representative
  9. Tara Soares, Health Charity Representative
  10. George Grundmuller, Pharmaceuticals Stakeholder
  11. Debbie Jackson, Public Advocate
  12. Janet Kempe, Health Professional
  13. Claudette Fleming, Public Advocate


Health IT Task Group

  1. David Hill, BHB (Chair)
  2. Dr Donald Thomas, BHB Representative
  3. Dion Tucker, BHB Representative
  4. David Kendell, Department of Health
  5. Collin Anderson, Health Insurance Department
  6. Holly Flook, Insurance Representative
  7. Dr. Margot Harvey, Health Professional
  8. Kent Stewart, Business Stakeholder


Overseas Care Task Group
  1. Michelle Jackson, Insurance Representative (Chair)
  2. Michelle Ye, Bermuda Health Council
  3. Dr. Donald Thomas, BHB Representative
  4. Dr Alicia Stovell, Health Professional
  5. Simone Barton, Health Charity Representative
  6. Andrew Parsons, Business Stakeholder
  7. Dr. Wilbur Warner, Health Professional
  8. Brian Mcleod, Insurance Representative


Prevention Task Group

  1. Virloy Lewin (co-Chair), Department of Health
  2. DyJuan DeRosa (co-Chair), Department of Health
  3. Dr Cheryl Peek-Ball, Department of Health
  4. Linda Merritt, Bermuda Health Council Chairman
  5. Myrian Ballitian-Dill, Bermuda Hospitals Board
  6. Brenda Dale, Insurance Representative
  7. Dr Annabel Fountain, Health Professional
  8. Reid Robinson, Health Professional
  9. Liz Boden, Health Charity Representative
  10. Makai Dickerson, Public Advocate
  11. Mary Ellen Jackson, Public Advocate


Long Term Care Task Group

  1. John Payne (Chair), National Office for Seniors and the Physically Challenged
  2. Tawanna Wedderburn, Bermuda Health Council
  3. Rosheena Masters, Ministry of Health
  4. Dr David Harries, Bermuda Hospitals Board
  5. Dr Wesley Miller, Health Professional
  6. Dr Landy Health Professional
  7. Jonathan Brewin, Health Charity Representative
  8. Paget Wharton Business Stakeholder
  9. Ianthia Wade, Public Advocate
  10. Valerie Dill, Public Advocate
  11. Tracey Moore, Health Professional
  12. Karen Fox, Health Professional