Premier Ewart Brown goes into one of the toughest fights of his political life today vowing 'it will only make me stronger.'

It has been a tempestuous week for Dr. Brown, who has had to face mass protests, diplomatic censure and

rebellion within the ranks of his own party.

As angry protestors again gather to demand he step down, MPs will be preparing to vote on a 'motion of no confidence' in the Premier's Government. If the vote goes against Dr. Brown it would most likely lead to Parliament being dissolved and a

general election being called.

However, last night it seemed

increasingly likely Dr. Brown would survive.

Potential PLP rebels needed to help swing the vote will not risk helping the UBP to power, party insiders said.

Dr. Brown told the Bermuda Sun yesterday he feels "prepared" and confident of victory. He also said he has been rallying the troops by reminding them of party loyalty.

He said: "I have told PLP members that the party was elected to govern in 2007 and that we should never relinquish government because the UBP tries to do a backdoor manoeuvre... I feel our members will respect that." He said that he has been "through the fire" before, and these latest trials would only help him be a more

effective leader.

UBP operatives are scrabbling desperately to get around five extra votes from PLP rebels necessary to force the motion. However, few PLP figures are taking the challenge seriously.

Government MP Terry Lister said: "I don't believe there is one single

person in the PLP who is in the least bit interested in voting for the motion. The Opposition vote will be defeated, and handsomely defeated, and that will be the end of it."