WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 3: The Chair and Deputy Chair of the Board of Education will remain in their posts, it was announced today.

Darren Johnston and Vince Ingham will continue to work under the new Education Minister Dame Jennifer Smith.

Dame Jennifer told a press conference today she was extremely pleased that both men would continue in their roles on the board.

She said: “Members of the public will be aware of reports which have circulated in the media regarding the status of these gentlemen continuing in their roles at the head of the Board of Education.

“Yesterday afternoon I had the pleasure of meeting with the entire board and I have to say it was encouraging to meet some of the people who give their time in the service of education.

“We had a frank exchange about the current state of education and shared our views on how best to proceed.

“I can say that there is little difference between what I see as a way forward and that plans that the board are putting in place to take us there.”

The new Education Minister added: “I know the public is concerned about consistency during the education reform process: as a result I am pleased that Mr. Johnston and Mr. Ingham will continue to lead this important process.”

Dame Jennifer re-iterated that she was “categorically” against closing schools as part of the reform.

But she said her priority would be to ensure the resources of the ministry were made full use of.

Mr. Johnston said the Board of Education was committed to transforming the education system.

He added: “We stand ready, engaged and excited about the opportunity to work with Dame Jennifer to improve our student outcomes.”