Sandys’ Boat Club2 and Watford Sports Club 2 drew 3 – 3.

In the double frame games Roger “Sticks” Henderson won the first game 54-16 and Aaron Carvalho won the second game 45-33.

Aaron Bean defeated Chris Bromby 54-22. Richard Beale defeated Tony Dawson 46-33. Timmy Simons/Bean won the doubles match against Bromby/Beale on the black ball with a score of 60-58.

Spanish Point Boat Club 2 took 6 points against Royal Artillery Association 2

Chris Dakin defeated John Perreira 59-39. Ed Gumbs won his game against Johnathan Peniston 83-39.

Stewart Greenslade won both games in the double frame 51-28 & 41-32 against Andy Peniston.

The doubles game saw Denis Coyle/Dakin defeat J. Peniston/Jacal Washington 53-35.

Spanish Point Boat Club3 defeated Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club2 4 -2.

Mike Camara won his game against Jon Pedro 72-50.

Andrew Pratt won his two games against Stephen Panchaud in the double frames 45-33 & 50-47.

Stephen Holloway defeated Ross Spurling 61-23.

The doubles was won by Camara/Holloway by defeating Bart Lewis/Pedro 55-34.

In the makeup game between Spanish Point Boat Club2 and Sandy’s Boat Club2 ended in a 3 – 3 draw.

Stewart Greenslade defeated Chris Bromby 52-35.

Ed Gumbs won his game against Aaron Carvello 60-12. Richard Beale won his two games 57-20 & 52-47 against Denis Coyle.

The doubles match saw Greenslade/Chris Dakin defeat Carvello/Bromby 68-12.

Ed Gumbs captured the high break of 17 for the night.

Penny Desilva is the public relations officer for the Bermuda Snooker Association.