One in 10 of us watch five hours of TV a day, a new survey reveals. *iStock photo
One in 10 of us watch five hours of TV a day, a new survey reveals. *iStock photo

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 12: How healthy are we?

A new survey has attempted to chart our habits on everything from obesity to sex.

The Health Survey looks at the vital statistics, attitudes and opinions on the health and happiness of the adult population of Bermuda.

James Whittaker summarizes the results...

• We eat too much: Two out of three eat fast food every week.

• We drink too much: According to the survey a third of us are frequent binge drinkers — an increase from one in four when the survey was last done in 2006.

• And we need to hold the salt: More than one in three have high blood pressure. The figure for young people was double what it was in 2006.

• We watch too much television: More than eight out of ten adults watch at least two hours telly a night. Over one in ten watch five hours a day.

• At least we’re exercising more: Half of those surveyed do ‘moderate activity’ at least three times a week – double the amount for 2006. One in five do vigerous activity three times a week.

• And eating our fruit and veg: Seven out of ten eat fruit every day, one in five eat three servings of veg a day.

... But it’s not reducing our waistlines: Almost seven out of ten adults are overweight or obese.

... Although we don’t believe it: Only four out of ten adults describe themselves as overweight.

• And more people want to have sex with us: 23 per cent reported more than one sexual partner in the last year — up from 6 per cent in 2006. [See page 15].

• But we’re taking more risks with HIV: Six percent engaged in ‘high-risk’ behaviours – double the ’06 survey numbers – and less people are getting tested.

• Violence in the community is a big concern for single parents: One in four people living in single parent households reported being frightened for their own or their family’s safety due to threats of violence. The figure for the whole population was 11 percent.

• More people say they have been abused: Rise in reports of physical abuse from an ‘intimate partner’ from 8 per cent to 13 per cent.

• The big health issues remain the same: Rates for diabetes and asthma stayed constant at around one in ten.

• We’re not going to the doctors as often: Decline in the number of people who have had a check-up in the last year from 68 percent to 53 percent.

• Or the dentist: Roughly one in three hadn’t been to the dentist in a year.

We’re happy with the hospital and Government clinics: High approval ratings for both.

• But most of us think the healthcare system needs reform: Only two out of ten thought the system was working well. Most said ‘fundamental changes’ were required.

• But at least we are happy: 87 per cent were very satisfied or satisfied with life in general.


Special report: Health survey