*Graphic by Gary Foster Skelton
*Graphic by Gary Foster Skelton

Digicel has introduced four new bundles that combine home Internet with mobile services, resulting in savings of up to $74 per month. The bundles are a welcome change for customers who are currently paying separate bills for home Internet service and their cell or mobile internet service.

Wayne Caines, Digicel Bermuda CEO, said in a press release: “This is a natural progression for Digicel Bermuda and, indeed, the industry as a whole. We have seen the savings such synergies have created for customers in other regions and we are thrilled to continually provide increased value to our customers.”

According to the 2012 State of ICT in Bermuda report, 88 per cent of households are connected to the internet and 95 per cent of residents own cellular devices. That means an overwhelming majority of Bermuda residents are paying for both home Internet and mobile services. The new Digicel bundles allow these residents to save money by combining two services they already use.

Digicel Bermuda sales director, Shane McDonnell, added: “There has been clear demand from our customers for bundled services. If John Doe has a Digicel Internet plan and a Digicel mobile phone, of course he wants to save money every month and pay only one combined bill. It’s a convenient way to reduce his monthly expenses.”

The smallest “Basic” bundle costs $70 per month and includes 300 minutes of local calls (200 on-net and 100 off-net), 100 SMS, and 6 Mbps home Internet. Of course, the largest savings come from the largest bundle, which offers unlimited local calls, unlimited local SMS, unlimited data (subject to a fair usage policy), and 25 Mbps home internet for $275 per month. This package, appropriately dubbed the “Ultimate Bundle”, saves the customer $74 per month compared with signing up for similar services separately. A mid-range “Standard” bundle offers a happy medium and an “Internet” bundle caters to customers who want to combine their home internet with mobile internet only.

More information about the new plans may be found at www.digicelbermuda.com.