The Fishbowl League  continues to burn up the bowling lanes with sizzling high scores.

Topping the list in recent action was Vernon Daniels, who led the Porgies to a 4-2 win over Swordfish with the season’s highest scratch game of 276.

He added 276 and 224 for a high season series of 757.

Goldfish and Barracuda battled it out with the end result 3-1 in favour of Goldfish. Carlos Estravit led the winning efforts with a 554 series. Quinton Mallory bowled a 582 in a losing battle for Barracuda.

Tuna won three over Cow Pollies, who only managed one in a closely-contested match.

 Snappers had to bowl against Bye (Gone fishin’)  and managed to take home all four points.

Hog Fish and Milkfish  had  a royal battle with very close scores.  However, Hog  Fish managed to take three to the Milkfish’s one.

Richard Zuill’s 570, Tim Doyle’s 559 and Brenda Burrow’s 555 led the Marlins in their 4-0 win over Mackerel. Mackerel’s William Steede’s 559 could not stop their opponents.

Cathee Tumbridge pulled out all the stops, bowling games of 226, 209 and 203 for a 638 series to lead Wahoo in taking all four points from Dolphins. Top scorer Carlos Durrant’s 536 proved in vain. n