ceoHer founder Suzanna Franchetti *Photo supplied
ceoHer founder Suzanna Franchetti *Photo supplied

TUESDAY, APRIL 24: Women will learn how to get heard, get recognised and get ahead in a training session next week.

The Perfect Pitch will be held next week by Suzanna Franchetti, founder of ceoHer, a company to help women enter and succeed in senior leadership.

It is being organised by Jenny Smatt Adkin, president of OnTru.

Training starts on Monday and will be held in small group and larger group sessions.

Ms Franchetti said: “I founded ceoHer and it’s really not just about the title.

“Being a CEO is a mindset, for some people it’s both.

“What I’m really seeking to do and what I’m doing with OnTru is bringing proper communication to business people.”

She continued: “I think that proper communication is gender neutral but most people don’t know how to communicate effectively.

“What happens is we all get a lot of information and increase the clutter.

“What the perfect pitch is all about is cutting through the clutter and delivering a message.”

Ms Franchetti said it’s also about women learning to communicate with their stakeholders.

“It’s about delivering the message so that business can be done and companies and people can be properly promoted.”

The speaker said she also finds that head of companies need to earn and maintain trust, as it isn’t entitled anymore.

Asked what kind of women should attend, she said: “From my perspective, it’s any woman in business who wants to be successful.

“But it can be anyone who is in business, school principals, people who run non-profits, entrepreneurs.”

Ms Franchetti continued: “More women are getting promoted and more women are opening businesses but we have still got a ways to go.

“I think the most important thing that a woman in business can do is to make sure they can earn their trust and build their reputation.

“A lot of it has to do with communication.”

For more information or to register, email or call 535 6903.