Peter was played by Emma O’Donnell. *Photo by Kageaki Smith
Peter was played by Emma O’Donnell. *Photo by Kageaki Smith

THURSDAY, MARCH 8: The story of Peter Pan came to life at the Bermuda High School complete with flying, colourful costumes and live music.

Students performed an entertaining version of Piers Chater Robinson’s Peter Pan Musical on Wednesday night.

But the show wasn’t just any old version, it had flying characters.

Peter Pan, Wendy, George and Michael took flight during the performance, believed to be the first time in Bermuda.

And it wasn’t just the flight that made the show excellent, it was the obvious hard work on the part of everyone involved.

The costumes were colourful and spot on and the singing was very good.

I have to say that Wendy played by Meghan Ward had an absolutely beautiful voice and played her part very well.

But not to be outdone by Peter who was played by Emma O’Donnell.

She was dressed for the part with a ginger wig on her head and looked exactly what Peter Pan should look like.

The Lost Boys were rambunctious, loud and fun while the pirates were brash and mean.

But let me not forget Hook, played brilliantly by Nathanial Sussman who I felt worked hard to develop the character.

He was sinister and conniving, a perfect Hook.

And the all-student orchestra did a wonderful job of providing music for show.

I loved the show and so did my three-year-old.

Big congratulations are in order for director Jane Thorpe and her team.

Peter Pan runs through Saturday evening.