Local artist Will Collieson has made a name for himself in past years as the mastermind behind the spellbinding window displays of Triminghamâs Smithâs. But now, with the dissolution of Triminghamâs and its forthcoming replacement by banking juggernaut HSBC, will Will continue to thrive locally as an artist?

Collieson has already started himself back on the freelancing path, working in various areas of artistic creation. He has become most heavily involved in exhibition design, straddling the two seemingly analogous concepts of functionality and visual appeal. He is also working in the special events design department for the Fairmont Southampton and continuing with window-dressing and related tasks for BDC 2000, parent company to Phoenix Stores. He is also in negotiations with several other potential clients in a freelancing capacity.

Collieson will also continue to work out of his York Street Gallery in the town of St. George.

Colliesonâs upcoming show at The Interim gallery at the corner of King and Reid streets will feature two sections separating his two-dimensional works and collage style sculptures.

According to Kendra Ezekiel of The Interim, the show will feature some of Colliesonâs installation work in their outdoor garden as well. The works showcased at the exhibition come from his standpoint of minimalism, particularly in terms of design.

Collieson is not attempting necessarily to please his audience, but rather provoke thoughtful consideration of his pieces: ãBeauty and art arenât the same thing· The ugly and the frightening are all tools the artist can use.ä

Most of Colliesonâs art is recycled, in the sense that pieces are broken down and then reused in new ways. The free event opens today, Friday, May 20 from 6pm to 9pm and will run until June 8. The Interim is regularly open Wednesday through Saturday from 10am until 3pm.

Collieson hopes to display something new and unique, showing that progression is essential to good art: ãI think the only time things Îfall downâ is when they are Îsafeâ· Art is a quest.ä

The Interim

The Interim opened in the space made available following the closing of the Windjammer Gallery last summer. The space was originally intended only to house ÎKaleidoscopeâ, a youth art school. However, partners Fiona Rodriguez-Roberts and Kendra Ezekiel soon decided to use the space to its full potential, opening with a two-person photography show. Even during exhibits, Kaleidoscope studentsâ work is displayed at the site. Currently, some of the older students of the programme are working on a project similar in style to Will Colliesonâs work, and, according to Ezekiel, ãtransforming it into something else: Art.ä Kaleidoscope teaches students ranging from four to 14 years old.

This summer, The Interim will host a ÎMail Artâ show. The concept of Mail Art is that artists are invited to create a 4ä x 6ä postcard, with no limitations so far as media. The piece must then be posted in the mail to: The Interim, corner of Reid street and King street, Hamilton, Bermuda. The theme of the show is Îwish you were hereâ. Anyone is invited to submit works by July 5 to be shown in the opening on July 8, though late submissions will still be included as the show continues its run.

The Interim can be reached at 292-3028.